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Friday, 18 January 2008

Creamy Sausage and Leek Stew (aka Susini Sausages)


The quantities given are roughly what I use and is probably enough for about four people but you can adjust them according to how many people you are feeding, what your personal preferences are, the size of the vegetables etc.

+ 1 large onion
+ black pepper
+ 2tbsp cooking oil
+ 2 leeks
+ pot of cream
+ 1 to 1 ½ pts chicken and/or vegetable stock with 1tbsp sage mixed in*
+ 3 bay leaves
+ juice of one lemon
+ pack of eight sausages

+ serve with either bread and butter, pasta, or mashed potato


+ Large pan
+ chopping board
+ sharp knife
+ wooden spoon
+ grill and grill pan
+ lemon squeezer (optional)
+ gravy boat if desired for serving
+ large jug if preparing stock


1. Put sausages on to cook in grill.

2. Put oil in pan on low heat.

3. Roughly chop onion.

4. Wash leek and cut into thin slices.

5. Remember to keep an eye on the sausages and turn when appropriate.

6. Fry leek and onion until almost browned.

7. Add a lot of ground black pepper (grind from mill for about a minute) and stir in.

8. Remove sausages from grill and cut into four using diagonal cuts (approximately 45 degrees angle).

9. Add chopped sausages.

10. Add stock/gravy and additional water if required and bring to the boil.

11. Add cream, lemon juice and bay leaves.

12. Leave to simmer on low heat and while preparing bread/potato/pasta to serve.

13. Once accompaniment is ready, the dish can be served onto plates.


i) This works best with leftover gravy from my gravy recipe.

ii) This can be a handy way of using up leftovers from Sunday dinner. (e.g. if ½ lemon put in chicken while roasting, use the other half; if cream used on pudding, just use the remaining cream; leftover gravy can be used; chopped leftover meat can be substituted for the sausages).


Baby Girl and I have both caught colds this week. Well she caught it and passed it on to me as she hasn't yet learned about social niceties like not blowing in your face :p It's the worst cold I ever remember having and as a result I haven't got much done at all this week so I'm going to cheat and post a recipe I wrote ages ago instead of writing a "proper" post.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Memorising Mark

Hubby and I have decided to try memorising Mark by learning one verse each week. If you would like to join us, here is the first verse:

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Where did the week go?

This last week seems to have just flown by without me doing any blog posts (although I do have a couple of longer ones I've started on my computer). I'm glad to say though that I feel like I've had a productive week where it's flown because I've been busy rather than one of those one's where it disappears because of just wasting the time. Speaking of time, there's a good post here on Buffy's blog about "me" time and one here by Jimena about doing everything in service to God.

Saturday, 5 January 2008


It's all gone now but we had snow on Thursday. Baby Girl loved it:

Friday, 4 January 2008

New Year Goal

I haven't got a lot of time today because my parents in law are visiting us but I thought I ought to get my first post of the year in before the end of the first week.

My husband is self employed so every quarter we do a quarterly review where we look at the good points and bad points of where the business is, what progress we have made, where we would like the business to be in the longer term and what we aim to do in the next three months. When I was employed in my first "proper" job I also had a quarterly review where I discussed with my manager how I was getting on and what projects/training I would do in the coming months.

So rather than setting goals for 2008 I am going to start doing quarterly reviews. I think it will be more useful for me as it means I will (hopefully) be encouraged when I review the progress I have made and setting shorter term targets rather than ones for the whole year should make them feel more manageable and achievable.

Of course I will pray about it but I will also make myself accountable by discussing them with my husband and posting them on here. If you want to join me in doing quarterly reviews then do past a link to yours in the comments box.

I aim to do my first review by the end of January.

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