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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Works For Me Wednesday - Menstrual Cups

Please note - if you are a man you probably don't want to read this (and would have no need to anyway).

I found out about menstrual cups quite by accident on a review site. I can't remember what I had been looking for when I happened upon them but they sounded like a good idea for a number of reasons (which I will list later). I later came across them on a green moneysaving forum and decided to buy one. I bought the mooncup because this is the only one easily available in the UK (and is manufactured in the UK) however I believe in the US you can also get hold of the Diva Cup or the Keeper.

The most obvious benefit is that it saves a lot of money. My mooncup cost £20 and they last for 10 years which makes £2 per year whereas I would expect to spend at least £20 every year on disposable tampons and pads.

Another benefit is the reduction in waste/environmental impact. Over ten years the waste from all those tampons and pads would be massive compared with the mooncup. Lots of energy and materials will have been used to produce them and to transport them to the shops and you will have expended time and effort purchasing them. Once they are used, they then have to be disposed of and sit around filling up landfill sites. In comparison, the mooncup uses very little raw material and transportation and because you just empty it down the toilet and reuse it, it does not produce massive amounts of waste to sit around in landfill for years.

Those two benefits are the main reasons I chose to buy a mooncup however there are other benefits too:
  • you don't have the hassle of buying more supplies all the time;
  • you don't have a huge stash of sanitary protection taking up space;
  • if you are out and it needs emptying, you don't have to try to discreetly take a replacement with you into the toilet;
  • they need emptying less frequently than pads/tampons need changing;
  • they do not dry you out or interfere with your natural secretions;
  • no risk of TSS;
  • duration of period tends to be shorter;
  • can be put in in anticipation of a period.

They do take a little bit of getting used to at first both practically and psychologically but I think it is well worth it. They are not for everyone but it works for me.


Anonymous said...

I love my cup, and they have two other benefits for me as well. No more period pain except on the first day, and nothing feels like it is ready to "pop out" at any second. Sometimes I actually forget I am having that time of the month, I am so comfy!

Yeah, it works for me too. :)

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Thank you for reviewing this. I've read about mooncups before but never knew of someone to give a personal testimonial for them. I appreciate your candidness.


Deeny said...

Very interesting. I certainly have never heard of anything like that before. And you are right my biggest obstacle is psychological. I just think it has got to be messy to empty and reuse. OK I am still trying to wrap my mind around it. i was on another site where a woman was showing how to make your own reusable homemade sanitary pads. This is the link.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around that too. I have always wondered what people back in history actually did. Anyway thanks for the interesting if unusual knowledge. I always like to learn about new things.
Have a great Day Deana

Toni said...

Very interesting article.I was not aware that menstrual cups exsisted.Thanks for sharing!!
Also thanks for your comments on my blog!!Iappriciate your imput reguarding if I should stand up and give my testamony of healing to the congragation.It`s definatly something I should be praying about:)Every month that passes since God healed me I rejoyce and thank Him!!Thank you for remembering that I was concerned about giving that testamony!!That was very thoughful of you!I`m also thankful that my idea for the broadbeans has been a blessing to your husband!! I`m glad I was a help to you and your family!!Have a blessed day!!

Memarie Lane said...

I've read about these but I just can't do it. They scare me! :P

Eenigenburg said...

I purchased a Diva Cup after using Instead Softcups for several years -- I agree: a bit different to get used to (because we've been marketed "those" other products for decades) but so much better, overall! Great idea to share!!

earthly jane said...

I use the disposable ones, Instead Cups I think they're called. I think it's kinda cool that they're called "moon" cups. Considering a whole lotta years ago, before artifical light, a woman's menstruation cycle was regulated by moonlight. There's a useless tid bit of info for ya! LOL
I've used the Instead Cups for my cycle but they also can be used in trying to get pregnant. Simply insert after "baby dancing" and it keeps the sperm close to your cervix.
okay I'm done now! :)
my point is...I like them too!

jubilee said...

Interesting. I'll need some time to process this! Thanks for the info.

Rachel said...

Horray! Glad to see some others out there who use cups. I had to giggle at the comment "they scare me". I guess I'm just more comfy with my body. I also just ordered a sample of a cloth pad and cannot wait for it to arrive. We cloth our babies, why not ourselves? I use my cup for all the same reasons you do. :)

Kate said...

I've seen these cups around on the 'net, but I never thought of using one, mostly because I have a hard enough time with tampons. Anything worn inside bothers me no end, but perhaps after two children, I could give it a try.

In the meantime, I use cloth pads and I LOVE them. They're easy, comfy, and feel so much better than disposables. The downside is, I do have to wear disposables if I'm going out for a while.

Buffy said...

I recently acquired a mooncup as well. I have a couple of minor criticisms but I think the saving in cost (and cutting down in refuse) is worth it.

Victoria said...

Thank you for for your submission to the advice for women from women blog carnival.

Lightchild247 said...

I'd just like to chime in and add that I've used a Diva cup for six years now, with fantastic results. I used to have nightmarishly heavy flows, and I hated the way that tampons felt, but with the cup I sometimes forget that I'm on my period at all. Once you get the hang of it you don't have to be concerned about leaks at night, or getting caught somewhere without a tampon, or about wasting tampons because you don't know exactly when your period might start. The company has very helpful customer service, too.

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