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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

EC Resources

For anyone who is considering Elimination Communication.

Please note that many proponents of EC are evolutionist and make reference to this in their writings. I disagree but just substitute, "We have evolved to..." with, "We have been designed to..." in my head.
Diaper Free (Ingrid Bauer)
Diaper Free Baby
Infant Potty Training (Laurie Boucke)
Dr Sarah J Buckley
Tribal Baby

The same disclaimer applies to books as to websites.
Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene (by Ingrid Bauer)
The Diaper Free Baby (by Christine Gross-Loh)

The EC Store (US based)
Clear potty
Mothercare (UK)
Training pants
Happy Heinys (UK)
Green Baby (UK)
Twinkle Twinkle (UK)
Baby Legs
Baby Kind (UK)
Big Mama Slings (Europe)
Little Eco Warriors (UK)

Online support EC discussion board
Yahoo UK based group
Yahoo Late Starters group
Yahoo group ("Big" list - OT discussion allowed)
Yahoo group ("Small" list - no OT discussion)

If you have any questions or know anything else I should include, feel free to comment.


Tribal Baby Mum said...

Thanks for your link to my site, Tribal Baby!

I've got a new one (2 actually) focussed on helping people get started part-time with their EC, or Baby Pottying being an easy term!

Please, do pop over and check them out! They are all about making EC easier with fun ideas.

I have extensive resource directories now as well, one for EC pants, EC Shops, and more coming online soon.

I'm also working on 'Nourishing Traditions' type of eating (love butter and eggs!).

I also like how you have said:
"I aim to be a good steward both in terms of the resources God has given my family (frugality) and in terms of the resources God has given to everyone ("green" living). "

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