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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Search phrases

We've had family visiting for the past week meaning I haven't had time to write much so I thought I'd share this list of terms people were searching for when they found my blog:


wonderwash durham

aborted babies uses for vaccinations

basic cook broad bean

broad bean pancetta tapas

how does a sinner get saved?

a child lives what he learns, wall

women apparel

slow and steady get me ready activities for baby

saved scripture

tapas broad beans bacon

wonder wash

contented baby evangelical

saved or sinner

i am a sinner saved by god

ideas for snacks with broad beans

weaning babies and marmalade

living without a washing machine

apology invitation

sinner saved

i've climbed durham cathedral tower

wonderwash manual

christians vaccinations aborted

what to do without a washing machine

out of the mouths of children

sausage and leek

do men prefer homemakers

homemaker washing machine manual guide

christian living with girlfriend

how to wash without a washing machine

slow and steady get me ready activities

ways with broadbeans

tapas broad bean and pancetta

durham cathedral bookshop

broad bean tapas

I think my favourite has to be "weaning babies and marmalade".

If you want to find out similar information for your own blog, try Stat Counter.


Anonymous said...

Don't you love some of the things people search?

Crystal Richey

Jimena said...

I always wondered how people did that! Thanks for sharing :)

Toni said...

that`s very interesting.I had no idea such a search engine existed!I`ll have to check it out sometime!Hope your having a blessed evening!

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