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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Men and Women are different

Some of the comments on my "productive day" post got me thinking about how different men and women are. I enjoyed the process of what I did and had great satisfaction in doing it. Surfing the web I have come across dozens and dozens of websites about homemaking and they have all been written by women. Presumably they would not be writing about these things if they did not enjoy them.

In contrast, if my husband finds it necessary to do some household task, he finds it a chore and whilst he is glad to get it done, he does not take any great satisfaction or pleasure in doing or completing these things. I have never come across a homemaking website written by a man.

Of course I am making generalisations. There may be some men who enjoy these things and some women who don't and even if we do enjoy homemaking as a rule, there are always going to be some things we do not like (washing up in my case) however, this apparent natural tendancy for women to prefer these tasks compared to men seems to me to fit with the Biblical role of women as described in Titus 2 and Proverbs 31.

It's such a shame that our culture in trying to avoid "inequality" trys to pretend that men and women are the same and should therefore fulfill the same roles and have the same aspirations. As far as I can tell, this actually has the opposite of the intended effect as it implies that traditionally female occupations like homemaking are inferior and that women are selling themselves short if they "just" look after the home/children.


Rachel said...

Around here.. we just do what we do best. I love to mow! So I mow and hubby weedeats. He hates to wash dishes.. so i always handle that. He loves to do laundry (tho i quickly learned he loves to wash/hang it out and leave it out!) lol One kid loves to mop.. another dust.. so we just assign those things to them accordingly. no sense in being made to do what you hate!

Buffy said...

I think men are just as capable as women at doing things like cooking and ironing (in fact the great chefs seem to be mostly men, I think). However, women are much more likely to have the "eye" for homemaking. By this I mean they want to keep the house tidy and looking fresh, for it to smell good and to have fresh flowers and colours that mix well, matching carpets and paints etc. Men do not seem to be able to get a grip on these details very well on the whole.

And I agree with you that homemaking has been denigrated because women have done it - surely this is the opposite of equality?

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