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Saturday, 14 June 2008

An Apology, an Invitation, a Note on Comments, and Future Blogging

(Please note my "discussion" with Candy has closed. I left a comment here telling her I had written my final words on the matter here and I meant what I said.)

Although I have always intended my recent actions to be godly, biblical and loving, I am a sinner and may have got things wrong despite my good intentions. I am aware that some people have accused my of attacking Candy and of behaving like a two year old. If I have done either, I am truly sorry as that has never been my intention.

If you believe I am or have been wrong in my views or actions, please tell me in the spirit of Matthew 18v16. I realise we may still disagree and there are issues where we must just agree to disagree but I would appreciate anybody taking the time to explain to me how/why they think I have gone wrong. I am sure I have a huge log in my eye and would appreciate any help in removing it.

A note on comments
There are a few comments which I have not published. To avoid any offence being caused I would like to give some of the reasons I may not have published a given comment:
1. It was a link to an anti-Candy site which made fun of her personally. (There has only been one comment like this and quite frankly I was shocked that someone thought I would be interested in it.)
2. It made some criticism of Candy which while perfectly genuine and not attacking in any way, was not entirely accurate and I therefore felt it would be unfair to publish it as it could be misconstrued and it could look like I agreed.
3. I haven't gotten around to publishing my comments.
4. I was unsure whether the person would want me to publish it and the main purpose seemed to be communication to me rather than public discussion so erred on the side of caution by not doing so.
I hope that is helpful.

Future Blogging
I will not be making any more posts relating to this matter in any shape or form. My blog posts from now on will be as normal.


Mary said...

Hello there,

You do not know me, but I have followed the discussions between you and Candy. I just felt lead to let you know that you have supporters. I feel everything you have sent to Candy was above board and clear in your intentions. I commend you for your insight. You are a very articulate young woman. I am afraid Candy gets defensive easily, you are not her first victim, and I am sure you will not be her last, unfortunately.
You did a great job getting your point across in a Godly manner. Your emaily were eloquent and well-worded. If we had more people in the blogword who communicated as well as you do, the internet would be a wonderful place!

Fell free to publish, not publish, or edit this comment any way you see fit. I just wanted you to know that your emails were gentle and well-thought-out. Please don't feel badly! I am sorry you were not treated as respectfully as you should have been.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.... (((hugs)))

Mary in TN

sorry, my blog has not been updated in ages.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what category my comment fell into, but I hope it certainly wasn't criticism of Candy! :)

You are a wonderful lady Susan! Keep fighting the Good Fight! God's blessings, Mrs. Gunning

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