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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Moonstone

The Moonstone is the second book I own by Wilkie Collins and is in a similar style to the first. As with The Woman in White, I find I am completely captured by the story and follow all the twists and turns in wonder as to what will happen next. It is very cleverly put together and follows a similar form of narration in that it is narrated by a number of different characters.

Although most of the "good" characters live happily ever after, there is more tragedy in this than The Woman in White which I think makes it more realistic. Throughout the book there is a good deal of confusion as to who is good and who is bad and whether certain characters are doing what is right but eventually all becomes clear and those who have done wrong get their comeuppance.

The Moonstone and The Woman in White are cleverly constructed and are two of my favourite books so I may try and get hold of more books by Wilkie Collins after I have finished going through the books we already have.


Anonymous said...

Oh! You have my curiousity peaked. :) That sounds suspenseful.

Buffy said...

I am enjoying reading your book reviews!

Did you see the serialisation of The Moonstone that was on about 12 years ago, with Greg Wise and Keeley Hawes? I thought it was a clever plot.

Saved Sinner said...

No I didn't. Was it done by the BBC?

I'm glad you're enjoying the book reviews.

Buffy said...

I'm about to post about on it on my site with a few other favourite adaptations, so all will be revealed soon!! I think it was by the BBC...

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