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Monday, 6 April 2009

My Web Wanderings (weekly)

  • How cool is this? I read about making these in a Bobbsey Twins book once and always wanted to try it out - now I can.

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  • Thanks to Brenda at for this one.

    tags: pro-life

    • In an amazing development, one Australian mother delivered
      a healthy baby girl after going through a nine-month ectopic pregnancy.
    • For
      nine months, Thangarajah carried her baby Durga in her ovary instead
      of her uterus. Following a Caesarean birth, both mother and baby are

      are calling Durga a miracle baby and say the chances of both mother
      and baby surviving are a million to one.

    • Neither
      doctors nor the couple expected anything other than a normal pregnancy
      and it wasn't until the planned Caesarian began that they discovered
      something amiss.
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    • An interesting post based around Luke 8:14 painted a mental picture for me of our minds as a fertile garden wherein our thoughts grow like plants.
    • Of course, the verse is talking specifically about the word of God, but for me the analogy seemed especially apt for that activity that influences us the most: what we are thinking.
    • A garden needs a gardener whose job it is to root out and throw away the negative thoughts, prune those thoughts which are taking over and nurture the good thoughts that might not be able to grow strong without help.
    • And minds, like gardens, are easier to maintain with a little work every day than letting them do their own thing for weeks or months and then having to bring in the bulldozer because you've let things get so out of hand.
    • To carry the analogy still further, a good gardener doesn't just yank out the weeds, she plants new seeds and youthful plants that she knows will be good in the garden.
    • What are you growing in your garden?
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    • The Secret: Keep Dough Refrigerated. It is easy to have fresh bread whenever you want it with only five minutes a day of active effort. Just mix the dough and let it sit for two hours. No kneading needed! Then shape and bake a loaf, and refrigerate the rest to use over the next couple weeks. Yes, weeks! The Master Recipe (below) makes enough dough for many loaves. When you want fresh-baked crusty bread, take some dough, shape it into a loaf, let it rise for about 20 minutes, then bake.
  • tags: Recipes, Baking, Bread

    • Mix up a lightning-fast batch of moist
      no-knead dough, save it in your refrigerator, tear off portions over
      the next week or more, shape, and bake.
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Buffy said...

Thank you for linking to me.

I can't believe that woman who carried her baby in her ovary - nor that anyone failed to notice for so long!!!!

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