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Monday, 27 April 2009

A House Update

After almost eight weeks of phone calls, form filling and sending in documentation of just about everything under the sun it looks like God willing we will be exchanging contracts this week which means we could have our own house by the end of next week.

Although I haven't started proper packing yet I have started packing a few books. I'm currently entering them on my Library thing account as I pack them.

I've also got measurements of the living room, hall and bedrooms and have started making scale card cut out diagrams of them so I can work out in advance how to arrange the furniture. I already have cut outs of most of the upstairs furniture anyway from when I've been organising here but I still need to measure and make the downstairs stuff.

The new house doesn't have any curtain rails (with repossessions you're lucky if they haven't removed the boiler) but we got some last week on Freecycle. The lady who gave them to us also gave us some blinds which means combined with some old curtains I was given when I rented a flat with no curtains, we have curtains or blinds for both bedrooms, the stairs, the living room and possibly one or both of the kitchen windows. Of course most of the stuff won't really go together but it's better than having no curtains at all so I'm happy.

Food wise I have a freezer full of meals I've cooked so that once we get the house I can concentrate on sorting things out without having to cook dinner each day.

As I can hear Little Girl calling, "Mummy out" I think I'd better go get her up from her nap and finish this post.


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