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Thursday, 14 February 2008


I realised my sausage and leek recipe refers to my gravy recipe so I thought I'd better post it...


The quantities given are roughly what I use and is probably enough for about ten people but you can adjust them according to how many people you are feeding, what your personal preferences are, the size of the vegetables etc.

+ 1 medium onion
+ black pepper
+ 2tbsp cooking oil
+ 4tbsp flour
+ assorted vegetables (use what you are having for dinner anyway: an assortment roughly equivalent in size to the onion)
+ boiling water (full kettle)
+ a herb suitable for the chosen meat (I often use sage)


+ Medium pan
+ chopping board
+ sharp knife
+ wooden spoon
+ kettle
+ 3 in 1 blender (traditional and smoothie/soup making attachments)*
+ gravy boat if desired for serving


1. Reserve some of the vegetables prepared for cooking roughly equivalent to a medium onion in size (see ingredients) and put the kettle on to boil.

2. Chop onion roughly.

3. Put onion and other vegetables in blender and blend until most of the vegetables are of a grated/shredded vegetable consistency.

4. Heat oil on hob.

5. Carefully add vegetable mixture from blender and add black pepper. Stir until browned. (N.B. onion fumes can be quite strong.)

6. Take off heat, add flour and stir to form "roux". (This should mean that everything is evenly coated with an oil/flour mix.

7. Add about a pint of water (from kettle) and stir in until mixture is reasonably smooth.

8. Return to heat and bring to boil.

9. Remove from heat and use smoothie/soup attachment from blender to remove all remaining vegetable/roux lumps.

10. Ad herbs and return to heat.

11. Add water (from kettle) and stir in until desired consistency is gained.

12. Leave to simmer on low heat until the rest of the meal is ready.

13. If cooking a roast dinner, add juices from the joint when it is removed from the oven. (This step can be ignored if desired.)

14. When everything else is ready either pour over plates of food or put in gravy boat to serve.


i) If you don't have a blender, you can grate and finely chop the vegetables instead of putting them through the blender.

ii) This can be a sneaky way of getting vegetables into children who won't eat them.

iii) Left over gravy can be used as for soup, gravy or sauce.


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