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Friday, 1 February 2008

I'm still here...

...just haven't had the chance to post.

After that week of being completely knocked out with colds, last week we went on a mini holiday to Swaledale. We had a lovely break although not quite as restful as we'd expected as Baby Girl took a bit of time getting used to her travel cot. We had planned on trying it out at home the previous week but with her getting a cold and not sleeping anyway we didn't think it was worth it. Swaledale is beautiful and we got some nice pictures of some waterfalls we visited which I'll post another time.

This week we have had builders in. Finally our landlord decided to get the damp fixed so we have been living upstairs this week. They were supposed to do one full day and then three half days but they hit on some unexpected things in the first day (lots of rubble in the wall cavity apparently) so they ended up doing three full days which was better for us as it meant they finished a day sooner - I'm so glad to have my kitchen back! :)

On Monday we also had a routine development check for Baby Girl and we went to see our doctor about vaccinations. The development check was fine - the Health Visitor mainly just asked questions about what she's able to do now (such as walking around furniture, picking up and dropping objects etc.) and weighed and measured her. The Doctor had no idea about vaccinations and just said that there were no alternatives in his little book of what was available for prescribing. He also said that it was safe (which we told him was not our issue) and suggested that even if we wouldn't have it for ourselves maybe we should give it to her which I thought was a bit strange as surely most parents are more bothered about their children than they are about themselves when it comes to things like this? Anyway, the upshot is we'll have to go privately but thanks to the MMR scare there are plenty of private clinics and it seems fairly easy to get Measles and Mumps jabs that are okay from them but it might be difficult to get hold of the Rubella vaccine. I'll post updates on how we get on with vaccinations.

So, now my cold has almost gone but not quite (I don't feel ill - I'm just constantly blowing my nose) and Baby Girl has gone and got another one. The builders left quite a mess of dust everywhere and we had to move all our stuff so today I have been mostly cleaning and rearranging furniture. I feel like I've got quite a lot done today so hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get everything more or less back to normal.

We had snow today too. Hubby loves snow so he was looking at all the forecasts online and it doesn't look like it's going to stay but it was fun to watch.

Well hopefully I'll get back into more regular posting next week. Hope you all have a blessed weekend.


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear from you. I have been wondering if everything was alright. I haven't started children's church yet. I will offically begin Feb. Thank you for yor prayers. I have had a lot of peace lately. I am glad your cold is going away. Can't wait to read you HTML post.

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