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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

At last...

...Baby Girl is taking naps in her cot. I think it's about two weeks I've been having her in the sling for naps because she had a cold so now I feel like I've got loads of extra time. :o)

On the vaccinations front, I e-mailed Health Choice UK and they can do Measles and Mumps vaccines which are produced without using cell-lines from aborted babies but not Rubella. I've asked for a booking form for the Measles and Mumps and we'll just have to carry on looking for somewhere that can do the Rubella.

I've been making my three monthly shopping list this week so today I was looking at the herbs. We don't really use tarragon and coriander very much so we decided not to get them anymore once they run out. We buy refills from a market stall so some of the herbs were in jars with incorrect labels which was very confusing so I made some new labels for all the herbs we will carry on buying:

Our fortnightly fruit box arrived just after lunch (we get a veg and a fruit box delivered alternate weeks) but it had the list for the veg box in instead of the fruit box. We got oranges, apples, lemons, bananas and grapes which I could identify but what are these?

They look a bit like miniature oranges and are about double the size of large grapes. If anyone knows what they are do let me know.


Anonymous said...

I was going to say tangarines but I look closer and I have no clue. I wish I could have fruit or veggies deliverd that would be nice.

Jimena said...

Oh, I think those are kumquats! I have only tired them once but wasn't sure how to eat them, I hear you have to eat them whole as the rind is sweet... but I haven't tried. Maybe you can try and let us know!

I see you have been very busy and it's encouraging for me to see what other ladies are doing at home. Blessings to you!

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