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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Slow and Steady Get Me Ready

For those of you who don't know, Slow and Steady Get Me Ready is a book containing an activity to do with your child every week from birth to age five. It is written by a Christian with the intention of helping parents to interact with and value their children. I chose to buy it because I wanted ideas for activities with Baby Girl when she was very small and also it was done by a Christian whereas a lot of books relating to children and education are very secular and evolutionist.

I would not say the book is quite as good as the description on Amazon claims but it was definitely worth buying. I do not do all of the activities as some are a bit too finicky and some are things that I was already doing (such as "This Little Piggy went to Market" for example) but I have found it useful as it has given me a lot of ideas which I wouldn't have thought of myself. A particular favourite at the moment is a game where I hide an object under something like a cushion and then Baby Girl has to find it.

I think as I get on to the older activities I will probably not find them as useful because I trained as an infants teacher so would have been able to think of those activities myself but I would definitely recommend it to those who have small children unless they have spent lots of time working with children over the full age range already.


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