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Friday, 9 May 2008

Getting stuff done

My cold is starting to inprove and I feel like I've been able to get quite a bit done in the last 24 hours.

I have:
  • made lamb hot pot for dinner (yesterday);
  • made rice pudding for pudding (two days worth so we can have it cold today);
  • backed up all our photos onto CD except for the current month which will be done after the end of the month;
  • put yoghurt in a pot in the fridge;
  • started off the cream cheese;
  • harvested a jug of kombucha and topped up the brew;
  • been to my church's Ladies Bible Study for the first time since Baby Girl was born;
  • prepared a chicken casserole for today and put it on in the slow cooker;
  • filed my tax return (I had to wait for the bank to send a summary of interest earned over the last year and it arrived yesterday morning);
  • printed a coupon for 50% off at Pizza Hut (it came though my e-mail);
  • made the business accounts up to date;
  • finished writing a letter to someone (which was quite time consuming as I was "going to them privately" as per Matthew 18v15 so it required a lot of thought and Bible references).

In the next 24 hours I would like to:

  • make a salad;
  • finish cream cheese and whey and put in fridge;
  • do a load of washing ready to hang out tomorrow morning to dry;
  • iron a basket of washing (I don't normally iron but it was such a hot still day that some of the stuff just needs ironing);
  • sort out photos of Baby Girl onto CDs for both sets of Grandparents;
  • file Hubby's tax return (his last bank statement needed has arrived today so I can do it once he comes home from work and opens it);
  • pick photos to have printed and then work out what is the best deal (there's quite a lot as I haven't done this since August);
  • make wedding present for my cousin (I usually write some appropriate Bible verse using calligraphy and put it in a frame);
  • buy a birthday present for our friends daughter (she's three on Tuesday);
  • decide what to give my brother for his birthday (it's on Monday but he said he doesn't mind waiting till we see him at the wedding to save us posting it as he lives at the other end of the country).

Well I'd better get working on that list. Hope you all have a lovely weekend, it is beautiful weather here.


Anonymous said...

That is a big list. I am glad you feel better.I hope you get your list completed. Thanks for the links.

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