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Thursday, 1 May 2008

Daily Schedule

I have just updated my Daily Schedule thought it would be interesting to compare what it is like compared with a year ago.

Here is my current schedule:

The reason there is a lot of generic "jobs" is that apart from Daily and weekly jobs, I don't have a set system of what jobs I do when - I just look around and decide what needs doing and I also have a "To Do" list where I write down any one-off/irregular jobs I need to do.

Activities with 1yo is play activities but I try to include a good range of activities to help her learn and develop. I try to do some more structured activities instigated by me and some where I just follow her lead in what she wants to do. I also read aloud to her while she plays (we are currently reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe). I don't follow it exactly but I use Slow and Steady Get Me Ready to give me ideas of age appropriate activities.

Just after 1yo was born, my days were roughly like this:

0700: Get up, feed Baby Girl and express. Eat breakfast while Hubby takes Baby Girl to the toilet.
0830: Put Baby Girl down for nap (If she finished feeding early, Hubby would take her so I could get washed/dressed before he went to work.)
0830-0930: Get washed and dressed. Hang out washing and put on new load. (I think there were a couple more jobs I did at this time but I lost my list.)
0930-1000: Sleep
1000: Get Baby Girl up, take her to toilet and then feed (with many toilet stops).
1130: Put Baby Girl down for nap. Have lunch. Bring in and fold/put away any dry washing and hang out third load. Do washing up. (Again I think there were a couple more jobs I did at this time but I lost my list.)
1300-1400: Sleep
1400: Get Baby Girl up, take her to toilet and then feed (with many toilet stops).
1530: Get ready to take Baby Girl out in pram
1545-1645: Go out for walk with Baby Girl sleeping in pram. (Often I would do grocery shopping at the local shop on my way back.)
1645: Bring in washing and open windows while Baby Girl wakes up
1700-30: Feed Baby Girl
1730-1800: Rest/"Bedtime" jobs (these were the essentials we needed to get done before bedtime ready for the next day such as make sure we had clothes, nappies, cotton wool, drinks/snacks etc. out in the right place) while Hubby baths Baby Girl.
1800-1900: Feed Baby Girl then put her to bed for the night while Hubby makes dinner.
1900: Dinner followed by bedtime jobs.
1930: Bed
2030: Get back up and express
2100: Bed. Hubby would stay up later than me to do the 2230 feed of expressed milk.
Roughly some time between 0100 and 0300: Get up and feed Baby Girl (up approximately one hour).

A couple of weeks earlier before she was born, my typical day looked roughly like this:

0800: Eat breakfast in bed, clean teeth in bed and go back to sleep.
1100: Get up. Watch TV or read a book.
1230: Get dressed with Hubby's help (he came home for lunch almost every day while I was pregnant to look after me). Talk to Hubby while he makes lunch then eat lunch.
1315: Watch the news/other TV.
1430: Do a few admin jobs on the computer.
1530: Watch TV/DVD/read a book.
1630: Sleep
1800: Get up and watch the news.
1900: Eat dinner then watch TV/read while Hubby washes up and does a few other jobs.
2100: Go to bed.

In case you haven't guessed, I was quite ill during my pregnancy but I got much better the very day Baby Girl was born. It was quite an amazing change really as I went from having to be helped to get dressed, wash my hair etc to doing loads of household jobs without even thinking about them.


Toni said...

Wow susan!!you are so organized!!I`ve ben married 10 years and have three kids and I don`t know what I`m doing from one minute to the next most of the time!!Lol!!Well,maybe I`m not that bad,but pretty close!
hhave a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Toni, it probably looks more organised than it is and it doesn't always go fully to plan. I'm just one of those people who works best with some kind of planned structure to the day.

Buffy said...

It's interesting to see how your daily life alters from one year to the next. A friend of mine is a full-time mother of a nearly three-year-old and it seems every time I meet up with her routine has changed signficantly, as her child grows a bit older.

You seem very organised, I am sure that must make life easier. Children like routine, don't they?

Stacy said...

Thanks for sharing your schedule =D I need to revamp mine again already but i have been putting it off since we might move soon, and the move will mean a whole new schedule again xD LOL

Stacy said...

oh, i meant to ask too, how do you like slow and steady get me ready? I have been wanting to buy the book =p

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