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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Not getting a lot done

Even though it's May I seem to have managed to get a cold. I actually thought it was hayfever at first as I don't remember ever getting a cold this late in the year. All three of us have got it but fortunately Baby Girl doesn't seem to be too badly affected.

Unfortunately although the actual cold is not making me feel particularly ill, it has been keeping me awake at night so I've ended up quite tired. Yesterday I planned to do quite a lot but ended up sleeping for the full two hours of Baby Girl's nap and was still exhausted.

I don't feel so bad today but I've decided to take it easy and not aim to get stuff done apart from the basics. That way if I get half what I would normally done I'll feel like I've achieved something and because I'll have been doing it more leisurely it won't make me feel as tired as if I did the same amount but had been trying to do more. I don't know if it's reverse psychology or something but it works for me.

Our veg box comes at lunchtime so I'm going to do a casserole with chicken legs and random veg for dinner as I can sit and prepare it quite slowly and then just stick it in the oven. We had some mashed potato in the freezer (from when someone gave us loads of potatoes) so I've got some of that out to go with it.

A couple of people have asked me questions which I'll try to get around to answering this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I've been feeling kinda ucky the past week too. Maybe 2wks, I dont' know lol. Jason thinks it's the pollen getting to me ... one of the lovely joys of living in Chattanooga, you're in a bowl surrounded by mountains: all the pollen settles here. Uck.

I've been up for close to 4hrs now and I'm ready for a nap already ... but I've got so much I wanna get done!

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