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Monday, 7 April 2008

Making progress

Washing Machines
After some discussion with Hubby, on Saturday I ordered a wonderwash handpowered washing machine. We figured that if it works out, it saves us buying a regular washing machine and if it doesn't, then at least it saves us spending and the laundrette while we sort out a regular one and it would be back up for those times when the washer breaks or there's a power cut or something.

The main potential issue we can see (aside from the time spent which may not be any different to normal and whether it washes well enough which we'll see when we use it) is that the washing will be fairly wet which is an issue when we are drying clothes indoors. (There is already a slight damp problem we are waiting on the landlord to deal with and we don't want to make it worse.) If that does turn out to be a problem but it is fine in other respects, we might consider getting a spin dryer. The two together would cost less than a regular washing machine, would get the clothes drier because a spin dryer spins about twice as fast as a washer and would use much less electricity. The wonderwash is due to arrive sometime from Wednesday to Friday so in the meantime I am doing some handwashing.

Oil stains
I searched on the internet and found various different techniques for removing oil stains. Most were for stuff like cooking oil and worked on the assumption that the clothes were dry and that you had a working washing machine. In the end I decided to try some washing up liquid as it sounded like the most likely one to work. I put washing up liquid on every bit of oil on the nappies and flannels and rubbed it in with a toothbrush. I then left them for a couple of hours before handwashing them. This got almost all of them clean :D and the remainder are now soaking in some soapy water ready for a second go. I really was amazed at how well it worked so would definitely recommend it as a way of getting rid of any kind of oil stain.

Other stuff
I finished reading The Woman in White and have started on Far from the Madding Crowd. I'll post another time on my thoughts on these as I haven't got time for any more at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you realized that if you use the wonderwash that you will have to ring the clothes out or do as you suggested and get a spin dryer. I did not mention that in my post and should have(edit it later). You will definately have to do a review of the product. I am glad that the oil is coming out. I know how annoying oil satins are.

Jimena said...

I'm not sure, but I think my mom used baby powder/talc to remove oil stains... I should probably double check though. If I remember well, it soaks up the oil, and then makes it easier to clean....

I hope it works out with your hand-powered washing machine. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes you are right about the talc, I did read about the talc method but you have to do it before you wet the things and my stuff was already wet because it was in the washing machine when it happened.

Stacy said...

Wow i never heard of a hand powered washing machine! How neat is that?

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