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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

About the poem posted below

The poem below is an unattributed poem which I used to have on my door as a student (along with various Bible passages, hymns, Christian songs etc.) I wanted to post it alone as I thought posting any additional discussion in the same post would detract from it. I really like the change from complete despair to redemption in Christ. I was reminded of the poem by a video Stacy posted here yesterday.

In other news, the wonderwash arrived today. I ended up ordering it from a different company as the original one had run out and was having trouble getting hold of more. My kombucha scoby just arrived too. I got it through Kombucha Exchange Worldwide. I guess I'm going to be pretty busy starting of kombucha brewing and using the wonderwash. Tomorrow the council will be taking away our old washing machine which should make some more space. I also need to make a birthday cake as Baby Girl will be one on Thursday. It is amazing how the time flies.


Anonymous said...

Time really goes go by fast. It seems like yesterday that my 6 yr old was having his 1st birthday. Happy Birthday little one.

I can't wait to get your wonderwash review.

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