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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Alive and Kicking

Those of you who live in the UK may be aware of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill which is soon to go through the House of Commons. The Bill has already passed through the House of Lords and has the potential to liberalise abortion law as well as pave the way for human-animal hybrid embryos being created. Various pro-life amendments to the bill were proposed when it went through the House of Lords but sadly these were defeated.

Alive and Kicking have information on their website on how to go about lobbying your MP about this bill. They also have a database which tells you how they have voted on this kind of issue in the past and if it is known which way they would vote on various issues. I was saddened and surprised to find that David Cameron who has a disabled child himself is in favour of keeping the allowance for abortion to be performed right up to birth if the child has a "serious" disability.

I urge any readers who live in the UK to get in touch with their MP about this bill even if their MP is pro-life as the pro-abortionists will be lobbying them too. You can also find information on the Christian Institute website.

Unfortunately also although this is a matter of conscience, GordonBrown is imposing the party whip on the Labour Party for this vote meaning that as things stand, those Labour MPs who cannot in conscience support the bill have the choice of either voting against it and being kicked out of the party or abstaining. It is important therefore also to lobby Gordon Brown to allow a free vote on this matter.

I've made this a sticky so new posts will appear below this one for the next week.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry, I am completely ignorant of UK laws. IS it legal or illegal there to have abortions currently?
At any rate, I am praying for this bill and anyone involved in the process.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is legal up to about 24 weeks for any reason (well officially they say it is if it will cause "physical, social or emotional harm to the mother" for them to continue the pregancy which amounts to any reason) but it is legal up to birth if the baby is thought to have a "serious" disability although there is no clear definition on what is meant by "serious".

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