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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Wet washing etc.

Well yesterday I managed to get the last of the oil stained nappies and flannels washed and all of Baby Girls clothes. I did the rinse with hot water and hubby wrang them out so they would not be so wet hanging up to dry. I hung them up indoors and they were mostly dry this morning and should be dry by this evening.

I washed the next load (Hubby's work clothes prewashed in the previous old washing water and some towels and sheets) using the water from the previous rinse and left them soaking overnight. I rinsed them this morning and put the next lot to wash in the rinse water. I didn't have hubby to do the wringing so I did it myself which wasn't as effective and lugged it all outside to hang on the washing line. It's still quite cold out but because they were still relatively wet I figured it was worth hanging them out as it would get rid of the worst moisture.

A little bit later while I was feeding Baby Girl, I noticed it had started to rain. I figured it was probably just a shower because Hubby hadn't mentioned any rain (he's a gardener and follows the forecasts very closely) so combined with the fact I was in the middle of feeding Baby Girl, I decided they probably wouldn't get that wet so I left the stuff out.

Big mistake.

It absolutely poured and at one point it was even hail stoning. The rain has stopped now but last time I checked the washing was dripping! Hubby has kindly said he will wring it out for me if it's still that bad when he gets home but hopefully it will dry up a bit before then.

Aside from the drying issue (which wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have a bit of a build up of washing), hand washing has been a lot easier and more manageable than I expected. I think the main reason it is easier than I expected is that when I was a student I hand washed in the baisin in my college room whereas I am currently using a bath to handwash which makes it so much easier as you can do more at once without splashing water everywhere. We've gone back to using flannels rather than baby wipes (which don't seem to work as well as flannels anyway) and by the weekend I expect we'll be back to using the washable nappies.

Today we got our fruit, veg, milk and eggs delivery so I have set some yoghurt and some buttermilk away and later on I will write out a menu plan for the next week. I need to change the to do list in my side bar as I've changed the days that I do some jobs. I'll also try to get that next HTML post up some time in the next week. I'm making progress with my sourdough hot cross bun recipe so hopefully I'll be able to post it in a couple of weeks time.


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