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Friday, 11 April 2008

Caught up

The washing on Wednesday was dry by late afternoon so I was actually able to bring it in before Hubby got home which was nice as I don't like him to have loads to do when he arrives home. I did another load yesterday and today so I am all caught up and awaiting my wonderwash. We've also gone back to our washable nappies which is nice as it just feels so wasteful throwing away disposable nappies aside from the added cost.

My mum found another phone number for the insurance company for us and I phoned and got through so the car is going to be fixed in a couple of weeks. It turns out we have no excess (I chose zero voluntary excess and didn't realise there was no compulsory excess) so whatever happens we don't have to pay anything for the repairs. Because the landlord hadn't maintained the roof even though we told them, the insurance company is going to claim from them which should mean we won't lose our no claims bonus. If they aren't successful, we will lose two years of our no claims bonus. Fortunately, I always budget our car insurance for more than it cost the previous year just in case so it won't cause budget problems if that happens. (I have a very complicated spreadsheet to budget over a year because Hubby works as a gardener so our income is seasonal.)

Hope you all have a good weekend, I've got all my days muddled up at the moment because my mum and brothers visited yesterday afternoon but normally they visit on Saturdays.


Stacy said...

Thats great you got your laundry done! I should be folding mine now =p Hopefully your insurance pulls through for you!

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