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Monday, 11 February 2008

When to do Bible Studies

My husband and I first started doing a Bible Study when we were engaged. Once we got married we tried to do it every day after dinner. This worked reasonably well but we weren't very regular at doing it and then when I got ill (with pregnancy) we ended up doing it even less frequently.

After Baby Girl was born, we restarted doing Family Bible Studies initially rather ad hoc before settling on mornings. Gradually mornings before hubby went to work got busier and we ended up only doing it at weekends.

Last November, we decided we needed a rethink as it clearly wasn't working and also we wanted to start using Robert M M'Cheynes plan in January which requires two Family Bible Studies per day. We rearranged mornings so that we could fit one in after breakfast before hubby goes to work and we decided to do the other one during Baby Girl's bedtime feed as that is the only time after hubby gets home before she goes to bed apart from bathtime and we didn't think bathtime would be an appropriate time. In the mornings we usually just do a Bible reading and in the evenings we usually discuss the passage a bit more and also pray and sing a Psalm.

The current system seems to be working so far but we have learnt that if it doesn't we should work out a time when we will do it rather than having a time where we don't.

It would be nice to know what others do so feel free to comment with how you do yours.


Jimena said...

We have gone through two Bible studies and have done them right before falling asleep. We are a bit tired at times, but we like to end and start our day with God's Word. Right now we are not doing a study, we are just reading through the Bible as we haven't done that as a couple before and we both think it would be good to do. So we read a chapter at night and a chapter first thing in the morning. I like to listen to studies online on the chapter that we are reading and then I can share with my husband at night and I also just recently got a study Bible so we are indeed getting a lot of insights and it's a blessing.

Hope you had a great day!

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