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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Bible Study

In January, we started as a family to use Robert Murray M'Cheyne's Daily Bread Bible reading plan. Although I have to admit we are a little bit behind on some of the readings, we have found it really useful. The way it works is that there are two personal Bible readings per day and two family Bible readings. This means that we are reading through the Bible at four different points making it much more easy to link up the different parts and see the unity of the Bible. We have also found it useful that in our personal Bible studies we are studying the same thing. It means we can discuss them together and as we have both read the same passage we can both contribute to it and learn better. I would definitely recommend this as a Bible reading plan.


Jimena said...

I don't know how long you have been doing family Bible studies, but I thought I would ask when you think is the best time in the day to study. My husband and I read in the morning and the evening, but I was wondering what worked well for others. We have gone through some short Bible studies together, but right now we are just focusing on reading through our study Bible. I see you have updated quite a bit and now have a lot of catching up to do as I really enjoy your posts. Blessings

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