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Monday, 4 February 2008

Making progress

I've managed to get both the kitchen and living room much more functional and liveable in now and the place has been getting a good "spring clean". I haven't got all the ornaments, photos, bits and pieces etc put back yet though as I'm thinking it'd be better to have less stuff out as it'll make it easier to clean. One of our bookcases has a glass door over one section so I'm planning to rearrange the books so I can fit some bits and pieces in there as I can't bring myself to get rid of the stuff. (I pretty much never buy ornaments etc but I'm one of those people who just keeps everything forever so have ended up with loads - I'm working on being bit more ruthless/discerning about them so they don't take over.) I figure if they're in that bookcase I can still enjoy looking at them without them collecting dust and creating extra work. I've rearrnaged the living room slightly too which hopefully will make it more convenient. I've taken some photos so will hopefully do a photo post soon.

Poor Baby Girl is still troubled by her cold. She couldn't sleep after lunch so I've currently got her sleeping in the sling. Although people do claim you can do housework whilst carrying a baby in a sling, I find it too difficult so I have taken the opportunity to catch up on the computer. I've even done a first post on HTML which I'll put up straight after this one.

Well I'd better get moving as it's time for Baby Girl's next feed and she needs waking up.


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