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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

I took the Worldview challenge

I found this challenge on Crystal's blog.


It was grouped into topics and I did well on Family, Education, Religion, Social Issues and Science but not so well on Civil Government, Economics and Law. I guess to some extent it's a reflection of what is the main focus of my life (except Science which used to be a significant part of my life) but it is a challenge to make sure I have thought properly about these other areas too.

Click on my "certificate" to take the test yourself.


earthly jane said...

I want to take it. I went to her blog and there's no link. ????
let me know, okay?

Anonymous said...

If you click on my "certificate", it will take you to the test page. (I've added that to the post so that other people know.) There wasn't a "link" as such on Crystal's site, I just read the website off Crystals certificate and then searched the site for the test.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is the first time anyone ever linked to me. Sorry I didn't leave a link. I will update to leave a link.
Thank you,
Crystal Richey

Buffy said...

That was an interesting quiz although I didn't do anything like as well as you did! My strongest section was family and my weakest was law. I lost a lot of points for not knowing much about the US constitution and having to say 'no opinion'.

Anonymous said...

I just guessed on the US ones.

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