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Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Since out internet went down last month, quite a few things have happened or changed:

  1. Baby Girl dropped her 10pm "Daddy Feed" and now sleeps through from 7 to 7. (Although with a few blips while we were away.)
  2. As a result of dropping that feed, she stopped having her short morning nap so just has her long (2hr) afternoon nap.
  3. We changed dinner so we all eat when Hubby gets home from work (around 5.15/5.30pm) rather than Baby Girl having her dinner then and us having ours after she's gone to bed.
  4. We went on holiday.
  5. We went to my cousin's wedding. It was nice to meet relatives who I have not seen for about fifteen years so only knew through their Christmas letters. I got to hear some interesting stories about some of my ancestors and others in my family tree.
  6. We bought a washing machine.
  7. Baby Girl has started helping to tidy up when I say "tidy up".

Hopefully I'll be blogging a bit more about some of these things soon.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like baby girl has done some growing ;~)

Grace and peace to you... said...

Thanks for visiting me and for your compliment on my dresses. :) You said you are jealous because you are nursing and can't wear dresses. I am jealous because I am not nursing and can wear dresses. My daughter went on a nursing strike at 10 months and never returned. I absolutely broke my heart and still hurts a little although she's 14 months now. Anyway, do enjoy your time of nursing. How precious that time is and how quickly it's gone. Kuddos to you for nursing!!!

Buffy said...

I hope you are enjoying the chance you must now have to catch up on your sleep!

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