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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Vacuuming, Decorating and Rain

We've had a decorator here the last couple of days (I wouldn't pay for a decorator but we rent and the landlord had some work done in January) so I'm going to have to give the stairs a really thorough vacuum. However, surprisingly the reason I need to is because he did such a good job cleaning up on the side where he'd done the work that it looks really dirty on the opposite side! I'm quite impressed as our landlord doesn't usually seem to hire the most conscientious people. It's also nice to have the walls painted instead of bare plaster if only to stop my mum saying everytime she visits, "Have they not had that decorating done yet?"

I don't usually like it to rain too much during working hours because Hubby is a gardener so he can't work if it is too wet but this week it worked out really well. The decorater is also going to paint the outside of the house so if the weather was good he would have done this first meaning we would have moved our furniture out of the way and then had to wait for the work to be done. As it was, the inside has been done first meaning I can get sorted out sooner and also Hubby was around on Monday morning due to the rain which meant he was able to carry a few things upstairs (like Baby Girl's books and toys) for me and talk to the decorator about what exactly he was doing.

Of course all things are part of God's plan and all God's plans are good even if we cannot see/understand the good in something now but it is nice when we are able to see and appreciate God's goodness in things.


earthly jane said...

that last paragraph....

you hit the nail on the head. I love reading that which is sooooo true.

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

How very nice for you! It is so nice to have things all fresh. God certainly is good.

And thank you so much for your bloglines post. I subscribed and I am so pleased. I appreciate your sharing.


Anonymous said...

Les - glad to hear it was of use to someone. :o)

Anonymous said...

Whoops - I meant to type Lea not Les.

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