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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

This and that

This week has been a busy week so far:

I am implementing a new cleaning system which is initially taking up extra time while I get used to the system.

I've also taken two shopping trips so far which is very unusual for me as shopping is not really one of my favourite activities. However, as Baby Girl has a cold, I thought it would be a bit mean to go cycling with her sitting on the back of my bike so I've used that time to make the shopping trips. It has meant I've got various things I've been planning to get for ages (such as new nursing bras, jumbo pencil sharpener, sieve, loaf tin and batteries) and a few bits and bobs we needed too. I also found pinto beans in the foreign cooking section which means I can now try out Jennifer's Pinto Recipes.


Toni said...

Hey Susan!!Thanks so much for stopping by my blog:)It`s such a blessing to have an encouraging word from someone:)
I`m glad that my idea for the broad beans was a success:)I tried to comment the day you posted it but for some reason it didn`t go through?
So,you do your shopping on a bicycle?That`s great exercise!Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

No I don't do my shopping on a bicycle (I don't think I'd be fit enough and it would take even longer than it already does) - I just went during the time that I normally go for a bike ride.
Susan. :o)

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