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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Rear facing Car Seat

This is an autopost. I'm not here at the moment because we're off in search of a rear facing car seat for Little Girl. Hope fully by the time you are reading this we have got one.

Here's why:

I'll probably post some more links/info when I have time.


Brandy said...

Wow. Guess we'll be getting a different toddler car seat for Hannah when she's ready to move up into one. Wow.

Thanks for sharing that!

Anonymous said...

I recently came across this as well. Bethany is currently rearfacing, it is the law here until they are are certain weight (around the 9kg mark) but I plan to keep her that way for much longer. Someone told me that her legs would get squashed but I would rather have a broken leg to fix than the other horrific injuries that this study found. Hope you found a good car seat!!

Linda said...

Wow! I didn't even know there were rear-facing carseats for kids older than a year....

Just a question though.. wouldn't a kid older than, say, 2, protest in 'seeing nothing at all' or wouldn't he/she get nauseous because of the same fact?

Greetings from the netherlands!

Anonymous said...

Suprisingly there's actually a better view as the seat is higher up and they can see out of the rear windscreen whereas forwards they mainly have the front seats obscuring the view.

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