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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Settling In

Well we've now "officially" moved. There's still some stuff left at the old house to move and we need to do various other things (like clean everywhere and stick back the wallpaper Little Girl pulled off) but after a marathon moving weekend (Saturday and Monday - we had Sunday off) we're finally in our new house.

I'm currently back at the old house to do various bits and pieces and at the moment am waiting for the wallpaper paste as it has to sit for ten minutes before you can use it. Our phone line is still here till Friday so I can get online here till the phone line is transferred and then I'll need to sort out a new ISP at the new house so may be MIA for a little while.

The neighbours who took the playhouse seem to have taken the doors and windows too now so now we don't have the dilemma of what to do with them now as it seemed a shame to throw them away but it would have been a bit awkward to say, "Here do you want the rest of the playhouse you stole."

The move ended up being rather marathon like partly due to the sudden very hot weather and partly due to Hubby being ill. On Sunday he was complaining about aches which we just thought were from all the moving but on Monday he felt worse and then in the evening we discovered he had a fever. The fever had gone this morning so he did a shortened job this morning and isn't gardening this afternoon. I have had a slight sore throat and nearly lost my voice at one point but I think it might be related to the slight smokiness in the house (the previous owners appear to have been smokers ) as I haven't been feeling ill at all.

We're really loving our new village as it is slightly further from the nearby city and is separate rather than being effectively a suburb of it like our old village (which was nice too but just not as nice). It has loads more shops including a butcher all within five minutes walk (or fifteen minutes with Little Girl) but being in an estate rather than on the main road, it is much quieter and peaceful at home. We are actually still on a bus route (which is good as it means they salt the road in Winter) but as the road is not going uphill the buses are not as noisy.

Well I could ramble all day about how much I love it but there are more important things I need to do. If I don't get a post up before Friday, there probably won't be any more posts for a couple of weeks other than a Diigo post this Monday. I'll have to get a new tour of my home done soon too.


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