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Monday, 24 August 2009

My Web Wanderings (weekly)

  • What an amazing example!

    tags: pro-life

    • Abarca says he will continue to love his wife, "until God has the last word.  In the end, if tomorrow she must go, our conscience will be clear."  However, he adds, he is not ready for that yet.
    • Carlos Abarca has always visited his wife regularly, and now that he has retired from the national police force, he is able to come three times a day.  He says that caring for her is his whole life.

      "My affection will always be focused on her, I have never doubted it," he told the Chilean daily El Mercurio, which broke the story.  "I don't seek for more from life than caring for her.  There is nothing more to do."

    • In a story that stands in stark contrast to the Eluana Englaro and Terri Schiavo cases in Italy and the United States, a Chilean man has been visiting his comatose wife for 14 years*, and says he won't give up on her.

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Salena said...

What a sweet story! It's amazing how loving some people (like this man) can be. It certainly stands in stark comparison to Terri Schavo's husband.

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