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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Catching Up and Swamped

I can't believe it's already five days since we got back!

We had a lovely time away and it was nice to see some of my old university friends at the wedding. Unfortunately we missed most of the wedding due to bad traffic (the route finder said it would be 28 minutes - we allowed an hour but it took 1hr40) but we made the end of the service and the reception. The meal at the reception was much earlier than the invitation had said which was good because it meant we didn't miss out by leaving early for Little Girl to go to bed.

On the Sunday we went to the same church on the way to Hubby's parents that we went to last time. They were very friendly and welcoming and they happened to have the same visiting preacher as last time!

It was nice to spend time with Hubby's parents and Little Girl now not only recognises them but knows who we mean if we talk about them by name. I think Little Girls favourite activities while we were there were looking at a spider who had made a web in the kitchen; helping Grandad put the fruit in the fruit bowl (by the end of the visit she would try to open the pantry door herself to get the fruit out); and helping Daddy do the washing up (a.k.a. splashing in the bowl while Daddy did the washing up).

Usually when we get back it is hard to catch up with the washing as unless it is very hot weather we can't get more than one load of washing dried in a day. Usually we end up resorting to the laundrette (I tell Hubby not to tell me how much he pays because it is expensive and I'd rather not know) but now we have a washer-dryer so I was able to get everything up to date within two days. I've found if I'm not prompt at getting the washing out of the dryer then it creates lots of ironing for me so I started setting my watch so that I don't forget to get it out straight away. As we usually have a bit of a condensation problem in the winter we have agreed that once we can't dry the washing outside we will use the dryer rather than having mountains of washing hanging up indoors and a freezing cold house because we have to have the windows open. That is rather an exaggerated description but I do think it will make life much easier and save a lot of faff.

Currently whist I am not technically behind on anything really (although there are always lots of things I could do) I feel really swamped because we seem to have mountains of stuff everywhere. We have a load of boxes of stuff usually stored in Little Girls room which we are trying to sort through. Initially I sorted some of mine and now (although not at this precise moment) Hubby is sorting through some of his. I was a bit unrealistic in my expectations so it is taking longer than I thought and in the meantime we have boxes seemingly everywhere which then means we can't get into places to put things away which then results in even more stuff everywhere. Hopefully we'll be able to get it finished this evening and then tomorrow I can restore order to our house.

Meanwhile I still have quite a few blogs to catch up on...


Heather said...

Glad you're back! I missed you.

I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed when you return from vacation. Sometimes I think that it's easier to just stay home!

Toni said...

Glad to hear you and your family returned home safely:) I know what you mean about having stuff everywhere. We have the same problem and it makes me feel nervous and anxous all the time.We don`t have alot of storage room, so I guess the only thing we can do is eliminate thigs. We are hoping to better organize things soon. I will take before and after pics to post on my blog:)Hope you have a blessed evening with your family Susan!!!

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