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Monday, 13 October 2008

My Web Wanderings (weekly)

  • tags: Biblical womanhood

    • I do not know Sarah Palin, I do not know her relationship with The LORD. I can only observe how she lives her life and compare it to what the Bible has to say about what we Mothers and Wives are supposed to be doing IF we are serving the Lord. Mrs. Palin does claim to be a Christian, therefore her behavior and life choices are supposed to come under scrutiny. Even more so if she is doing these things in such a public fashion. I mean, is she a role model for Christian young women or not? Think carefully before you answer this. Are you going by God's standards...or the world's? Young Christian ladies are waiting on us, waiting to see if we really mean what we say about Titus 2, if we are willing to live it, no matter the cost.
    • I am questioning the Christians backing her. Not the ones who feel that they have to vote for her ticket in spite of her, but the ones that are saying she is "Esther" or "Deborah" (funny, no one mentions Jezebel). Mrs. Palin is an admitted "Christian" feminist and, in my humble opinion, being a Christian feminist is an oxymoron. Your are either one of them or the other, you CAN'T be both.
    • Many Christians are under the very mistaken impression that bad rulers come to power when God is out maneuvered somehow. No, many times (again, read the Bible) God allows Pagan rulers to be over his people as a punishment, as an indictment against them. So just because God ALLOWS it, doesn't mean it is a blessing. I would think anyone who has been a parent would get that concept. Ever heard of tough love?
    • Being a Christian isn't supposed to be easy and you can't change the rules whenever you want, fit them to whatever situation YOU want. This is why a lost and dying world is pointing at Christians and ridiculing us, because we claim to hold ourselves to a standard and serve our God, yet the second it becomes inconvenient...we start arguing semantics and looking for loopholes. How can you call anyone ELSE to holiness, to set themselves apart and accept Christ's sacrifice when you do not hold fast to those things He has called you to do in obedience to him to be a witness to the unsaved? This is how God's name and His word is blasphemed among the us!
      • And onto the myths...

        1. Esther won a beauty pageant. Ah, no, she was commanded to get in line to be tried out by the king with a bunch of other virgins.

        2. Esther was co-ruler. Really, than how come the woman who had previously held her position could be removed without so much as a by your leave? Esther had no say in her coming into the kingdom (as far as we can tell) and she became the King's WIFE, not his co-ruler.Verse 2:17 specifically illustrates that the King loved her, chose her to be his wife. He did not hold an interview for the best candidate for a co-ruler.

        3. Esther didn't have to obey anyone. Again, really? Read verse 2:20, she was still obeying Mordecai like when she was under him as a daughter. A QUEEN had no problem submitting to both her husband and her father figure.
    • Sarah Palin is just like Esther.."for such a time as this." I have an idea for people who like to grab "phrases" out of the Bible and then apply them to everything and anything, read the whole BOOK! Verse 4:14 is the one that I keep hearing chanted in regards to Sarah Palin. That she has come to us from God for "such a time as this", really, where is the comparison? The King fell in love with Esther and he had favor for her to the point where he married her. This was obviously God's design. She was in the KING's HEART and therefore when no one else would sway him, no one else could have his ear, no one else could dare approach him...his WIFE could. Only if he was in LOVE with and married to a woman who was of the people he had just signed a death warrant for could his heart be turned to protect her. "For such a time as this " was acknowledging the provision and providence of God AND, if you notice, her uncle tells her if she does not intercede for them that the Lord will still make a way for them. She is not the only way, she is not necessary to the Lord rescuing his people. She is a WAY that has been provided, but the rescuing is through HIM. Are these Christians suggesting that The Lord would "provide" a way to win an election (of a corrupt government) by asking a Christian wife and mother to go AGAINST his commands?
  • tags: Breastfeeding

    • ‘There can be no food more locally produced, more sustainable or more environmentally friendly than a mother’s breastmilk, the only food required by an infant for the fi rst six months of life. It is a naturally renewable resource, which requires no packaging or transport, results in no wastage and is free. Breastfeeding can also help reduce family poverty, which is a major cause of malnutrition.’


Ace said...

Girl, I am with you on the lack to sleep AND the decluttering. We have been going through the whole house and are almost done. But I am not about to touch the attic until after the holidays :)

My Dad was a hoarder so it actually makes we get ramey when stuff starts piling up. I can't stand it!

Many Blessings ;)

His Tender Mercies said...

Breastfeeding can also help reduce family poverty, which is a major cause of malnutrition.

Okay this makes me giggle...let me explain why.....I have 5 youngest child who is 2 years & 9 months is still breastfeeding. She does not want to give it up.
Maybe she thinks she might starve if she has to compete with her 4 siblings for food! LOL!

Milehimama said...

I breastfeed for that reason - I'm lazy. Who wants to buy formula, sterilize bottles, mix and shake in the middle of the night?

And, my babies haven't ever had an ear infection - I don't think it's coincidence (I had so many as a child, I'm allergic to penicillin now!)

Shannon said...

I will just be glad when this election is over. I pride myself on being very informed regarding politics (more women should be) and really immerse myself around election times, but I am just so sick to death of it- I am taking a break from FOX news and from listening to talk radio until election day.

All I can do is keep reminding myself that everything is according to God's will.

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