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Sunday, 1 February 2009

My Web Wanderings (weekly)

  • Are they serious? That works out about £9000 per child per year!

    tags: pro-life

    • Sophy said the expense of raising 14 children will likely be prohibitive, citing studies that estimate it costs roughly $2.5 million to raise a child to adulthood. Using that math, raising 14 children would cost roughly $35 million.

      "And that's basic stuff," he said. "That doesn't include swimming lessons and things like that. It's very costly and hopefully the planning that needs to be done was done upfront."

  • tags: home-education, homemaking, children

  • Amazing - this lady plans to breastfeed her octuplets.

    tags: Breastfeeding

  • In the UK supposedly it is rare for aborted babies to be born alive due to the 24 week limit but this American baby was only 22 weeks when he was born.

    tags: pro-life

    • Rowan's mom, Angele, aborted him on April 2 at one of abortionist James Pendergraft's six Florida mills, EPOC Clinic in Orlando.

      But Angele experienced an epiphany when, after deciding to undergo the induced-labor abortion procedure (aka "live-birth abortion"), she saw her nearly 23-week-old aborted baby move in the toilet where he had just been delivered.

    • Angele wrote me, "The very moment I saw my son was alive, nothing else in the whole world mattered but Rowan's safety! I fell immediately in love with my baby boy and was afraid of nothing that I ever feared before. Only one thing mattered to me: getting Rowan help. I begged, repeatedly."

      It was abortion-clinic worker Violene whom Angele begged.

    • So Violene literally shut the bathroom door on Angele and little Rowan, along with the "blood everywhere," as Angele later recounted.

      And Angele was left hopelessly alone with her small, dying newborn.

      Angele panicked and called her friend who was awaiting her return at a nearby hotel. The friend called 911.

      As the minutes that seemed like hours ticked by, Angele did the only (and maternally natural) thing she could think of: She sang to her baby ... and he turned his head toward her voice ... and he grasped her finger with his little hand ... and he died.

      The police finally came, but it was too late.

    • Angele recognized the wrong she committed, but did not let that keep her from overlooking the wrongs that were committed against her and her son. Angele overcame her own shame in hopes of saving other mothers and children from the same fate.

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Anonymous said...

interesting links! I love your blog. (and where did you get your background?)

Sorry for that completely short comment, but anyway,
Lauren Ann

Linda said...

2.5 million to raise a kid.. pff.. well, a child is only as expensive as you make it ;)

Before I gave birth, people were making me scared with all this 'financial wisom' too, but really.. a child needs very little besides food and clothes.. if you have the time to care for them with love.

As for the abortion story.... wow. Where do you get all of these things? That's just.. heartwrecking. And at the same time I have a hard time feeling compassion for someone who had decided an hour previously that it was o.k. to dispose of her child.... mixed feelings, that's for sure :S

Greetings from the netherlands :)

Anonymous said...

Just coming over to say hello. Thank you for the sourdough starter advice you gave on my blog! If it turns out I'll have up on my blog tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank Lauren Ann. I'll need to look up where I got the background - will try to leave you the link on your blog when I find it.

Linda I have a tendency to go off on long rabbit trails around the internet when I read about things.

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