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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Cookery Illustrated and Household Management

I've just added a new book to my reading list which I got from Hubby for my birthday. It's by Elizabeth Craig and was written in 1936. I'm really looking forward to reading it (and have read a few bits and pieces already such as how to keep milk and meat without a fridge) and I may post a bit about some of the things I read.

I've still got a cold but I think it's slightly improving and I never got through to the car insurance so I think I'll be writing them another letter.

Hope you all have a blessed Sabbath.


Stacy said...

That book sounds really neat! Id love to hear what you thought about it when your finished.

Toni said...

wow!That new book sound very interesting!I hope you get through to the car insurence.Glad to hear your on the mend from your cold!!when you get a chance,stop by my blog.I had an amazing answer to prayer that I hope will encourage everyone that reads it!!Have a blessed day!

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