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Thursday, 27 March 2008

On hold with a cold

They're not connected though. I was just thinking how none of us had had a cold for over a month and then the next thing I know, I have one. I prefer it if I catch it first though as then there's less chance of Baby Girl getting it or at least if she does it won't be so bad because she's breastfed.

I mentioned last month that a slate fell off the roof and scraped/dented the back of our car. Well I tried a few times to ring our insurance company but ended up giving up each time after being on hold for ages. Today Hubby is working at home so I've been able to pass the phone to him when I need to. So far I've been on hold for 7 1/2 hours. Fortunately I have free minutes on my phone otherwise it would cost a fortune. I am wondering if the reason I got such a good deal was because you can't actually get through on the phone to make a claim!


Toni said...

I`ve enjoyed reading your blog!I will link you to mine so I can come back.It seems as though we have alot in common.I too am trying to follow Nourishing Traditions.I can`t afford a scoby to start the kumbucha brew though.I made changes such as buying raw milk(I found someone that sells it for $2.00 a gallon!)raw honey,real butter,farm fresh eggs,whole yogurt,plus the soaking of grains and making my own cream cheese and whey.Also we only use olive oil and coconut oil.I also make my own whole wheat sour dough bread.
I also love how faithful you are to the Lord!It`s been a real encouragement to read your blog!Have a great day!

Buffy said...

Being on hold that long is shocking. I'm surprised they have any customers left. It's unbelievable what bad customer service some companies think they can get away with.

I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Buffy and Toni.

Toni, are there any local Nourishing Traditions or Weston Price groups in your state? If so, you may be able to get hold of a scoby for the cost of postage and packaging. I am a member of a UK Noursihing Traditions group and that is how I'm getting mine.

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