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Monday, 24 November 2008


This weekend we had snow on both Saturday and Sunday morning! It melted by the afternoon but it is quite unusual for it even to lie at this time of year and it is only the second lot of snow we have had since Little Girl was born.

Little Girl in the snow

Little Girl in the snow 2

On Friday we decided quite last minute to go to a table top sale on Saturday morning. We'd been thinking of doing a car boot sale but didn't fancy the cold so it seemed ideal. Unfortunately hardly anyone came so we only just sold enough to cover our £5 table fee and the organisers made a loss but it wasn't a complete waste of a morning. It was good practice and we've decided that maybe we should wait till the summer and then do a car boot sale. We also got a lovely dog book for Little Girl for 75p (she loves dogs - "woof" was her first word) and the people on one of the stalls gave her a toy vacuum cleaner which they didn't want to cart home again which she proceeded to use to "vacuum" all around the hall and under everyone's tables.


Anonymous said...

No fair! My kids and I are waiting for snow so we can go play in it. Not sure when it will happen since we keep getting 40 and 50 degree weather.

Heather said...

Very cute pics! My kids are just itching for the first snow. They can't wait!

Linda said...

Do I see that LOVELY H&M dress that I also recently bought for my little girl? *lol*

We had snow in the weekend here too (and therefor we found it appropriate to put up the Christmas tree as well)

We also haven't seen proper snow (as in: when you can actually build snowmen) for some years.... it was cold though.. and to make it worse, my husband's brother (who just migrated back to the caribbean) was moaning on 'how cold it was there' (24 C) and 'how they can't even wear shorts at night now'.... and we were just like 'awwww.. pooooor you....grr!' ;)

Greetings from holland! ;)

Anonymous said...

Linda, you have good eyes! It was probably the same snow that you had as we're just over the sea.

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