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Thursday, 11 December 2008

A blogging rest

At the moment things seem to have come together so that I am not getting much done. None of them on their own would make a significant impact but in combination they do. (Please note I am not complaining: I realise God has a purpose in everything even if I do not know what it is.)

The first is that my husband is working different hours to usual so is out of the house for much longer and gets home later than our usual bedtime. This would not be so bad if Little Girl and I hadn't both come down ill at the same time (there's something going round our church).

In addition to this we have an ongoing problem with our freezer which means that I keep having to defrost our freezer when engineers come round to look at it. As a result I have had to run my freezer stocks down and don't currently have a stash of precooked meals in the freezer which I would usually make use of at a time like this. Fortunately one of my husband's customers who has lots of spare space in her freezer has kindly taken almost all of the frozen breastmilk which is a blessing as I don't know what we would do with it otherwise.

Anyway, since I'm struggling to keep up with everything and writing posts is just too mentally taxing at the moment, I thought it sensible to have a blogging rest until the New Year. I may do the odd little post and there will be the automated posts from Diigo but that will be it until January.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear..It's understandable though and I will miss your post. Hope everything works itself out for you.

Buffy said...

I suspect that blogging generally in the run up to Christmas may slow down a bit! Meanwhile I hope you get your freezer sorted out, this is not the right time for it to play up!!

I enjoyed the links below, esp the one about the Dutch v African lifestyles.

Clare said...

I really wish i had more time to peruse your blog. It is so well laid out and my curiosity is piqued by lots of the topics in your sidebar.
I have quite a bit of catching up to do, so that should keep me occupied when I visit here until you start blogging again.
Have a very blessed Christmas season!

Clare said...

Hi Susan, I'm just wondering if my other comment came through?

Ace said...

Hey Susan, enjoy your rest and take all the time you need. The bloggin world will be here when you get back.

We will miss you, stop by if you can.

Many Blessings :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Clare - I've been a bit remiss at publishing my comments.

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