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Sunday, 28 December 2008

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Buffy said...

It's a tricky one. I certainly don't think these photos should be forced on everyone; how upsetting for women who have had miscarriages or who are pregnant. Certainly if a woman considering abortion wants to know all the facts they should be given the truth. I don't think women alone should be help culpable though, what about the men who made them pregnant? In the article by the woman who was against showing photos there was no mention of the remorse felt by the husband who had left her pregnant.

Linda said...

By all means: NO they shouldn't be banned! Sorry to sound harsh, but the woman in the article to me just sounds like a spineless whiner.

It's the same with alllllll of those people who eat meat, but are disgusted when someone (say, a certain Jamie Oliver) depicts the slaughter of a lamb on national t.v. - pure hypocrisy.

Sociiety has made it o.k. for these baby-killing women to play the role of the victim for their entire lives. It's always about them. Their poor little nerves can't handle these true pictures, they will be eaten by guilt for something they have done, and now it's our fault, since WE are the ones telling them about it. Uhmm.. isn't that just crooked?

I absolutely can't stand this type of whining.. I mean, if you're going to be cruel enough to kill your own child, then you should be man (woman?) enough to stand up for it as well. Because (voluntarily!!!) looking at these pictures might make them ill, but is that anything compared to how their child has ended up?

Really.. again, I don't want to sound like a malboro baptist, but they should just bear the consequences of their acts.. and not be protected from the truth, because it 'might hurt them mentally'. The child might have hurt them mentally, and they 'took care of it'.. do we have to keep everything away from them?

greetings from holland! ;)

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