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Thursday, 16 April 2009


To me Shirley by Charlotte Brontë is a strange book. It seems to meander and wander monotonously around till reaching its conclusion with almost no plot. Despite this, I did find some interest in the book was in the historical context and character study. I would probably say that the character study in the book is a much greater strength than the plot.

Almost all of the characters in the book are portrayed as trying to be good with mainly the anonymous Luddite rioters being portrayed as bad although with some sympathy to the conditions which have driven them to such action. Even though most characters are "good" the book is by no means deficient in discussion of the flaws both in the personality and actions of various characters. Indeed the book spends a great deal of time moralising over the conduct and defects of the characters.

Although I would probably choose many other books to read before I chose this one, I think it is good in it's portrayal of characters and events and so I will keep it.


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