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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Vaccine - Abortion link revisited

I just wrote reply to a comment on my "Vaccines use cells from aborted babies" post and thought it was worth putting it in a post so that more people see it.

Thanks for your comment Carrie - I guess I wasn't clear as I was not saying that cells from aborted babies were in the vaccines just that they are used to make them. I guess a parallel would be that coal can be used to make electricity but there is not any coal in the electricity. For me the important point is that they were used in the first place.

Also although the rubella strain does come from *one* aborted baby, many were used. The rubella strain is called RA27/3. RA stands for rubella abortus (i.e. it was an aborted baby rather than a miscarried baby). 27 means this was the 27th aborted baby used and 3 means it was the third sample taken from this baby.

This means that although as you say the rubella strain came from one baby, many more were used in the overall process of production.


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