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Monday, 18 February 2008

Our Living Room

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I said we had builders doing some work.
When they had finished the whole of downstairs was very dusty:

Fortunately they finished a day early and in two days I was able to transform the living room from this:

To this:

Since taking the photos, I've put all our pictures and photos back up and made a few more slight rearrangements. I also took the opportunity to create a home for my Household Organistion Folder:

It doesn't look so good in this photo but since then I've added a bit of material as a "table cloth" to make it look a bit nicer. The box contains Baby Girls next carseat in case you are wondering what we are doing with a gigantic cardboard box in our living room. (Actually we've just got the carseat out to put in the car as she's outgrown the one she's in so the old one will go in the box along with all the newborn baby things she no longer uses.)
Although it created a lot of work, it was a good opportunity to give everything a good clean (when else would I move all the furniture) and to rearrange things a bit and "declutter".
The kitchen was not so bad as we managed to get everything covered with plastic sheeting and there was less dust in there anyway.


Anonymous said...

Looks great. Thanks for understanding and not being judgemental. ;~)

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