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Sunday, 25 July 2010

30 Day Food Diary Challenege - Days Twelve and Thirteen

Since two of my meals on Saturday and one meal on Sunday were provided by other people, I can't really enter them into the software for nutritional analysis so instead I am posting details of all six meals but them combining the nutritional information from the three meals at home as if they were from one day. I will put the food which wasn't at home in italics.

  • Egg on toast
  • Orange juice
  • Tea
  • Variety of sandwiches (ham and mustard, cheese savoury, egg and cress, tuna and sweetcorn).
  • Orange squash
  • Feast ice cream. (I actually don't like chocolate ice-cream but my husband went to buy them while I was queuing with Little Girl to go in a replica military helicopter.)
  • Plated salad
  • Orange juice
  • Logan berry pie with cream
  • Toasted sourdough fruit loaf with home made low sugar marmalade.
  • Buttermilk soaked pancakes
  • Orange juice
  • Kombucha
  • Tea
  • Chicken sandwiches with lacto-fermented cucumber. (Sounds gross but they taste pretty similar to shop bought gherkins - I really like them.)
  • Banana loaf.
  • Orange juice
  • Tea
  • Cheese salad sandwiches
  • Crisps
  • Fruit scone with cream and strawberry jam
  • Strawberry and apple pie
  • Kombucha
  • Tea
Nutritional Analysis
Nutritional facts per serving (daily value):
Calories 1329kcal
Protein 64g (127%)
Total Fat 39g (59%)
Sat. 20g (98%)
Chol. 416mg (138%)
Carb. 193g (64%)
Fiber 19g (76%)
Sugars 41g
Calcium 562mg (56%)
Iron 9mg (48%)
Magnesium 315mg (79%)
Phosphorus 1141mg (114%)
Potassium 2592mg (74%)
Sodium 1496mg (62%)
Zinc 8mg (51%)
Copper 1mg (45%)
Manganese 6mg
Selenium 134µg
Vit. C 180mg (300%)
Vit. B1 1mg (93%)
Vit. B2 2mg (94%)
Vit. B3 18mg (90%)
Vit. B5 5mg (54%)
Vit. B6 2mg (80%)
Diet. fol. eq. 229µg (57%)
Vit. B12 2µg (42%)
Vit. A 2077IU (42%)
Vit. A1 435µg
Vit. E 3mg (13%)
Vit. K 13µg
Vit. D 149IU (37%)
Exported from Shop'NCook Pro 3.4.3 (

Interestingly my fat intake is low on this analysis which probably indicates that my breakfasts are low in fat given that this includes two breakfasts and a lunch. I don't think I can really draw any other conclusions from the information.


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