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Thursday, 15 July 2010

30 Day Food Diary Challenge - Day Three

Today I discovered a slight glitch with the nutritional software. It seems that when I use single serving sizes to create my "menu" in the software, those nutrients which are displayed only to one significant figure (namely vitamins B1 and B6) end up lower than they should be. In each single serving recipe today they showed up as 0mg but each had a %RDA of anything from 5 to 20% which should have added up to over 70% for each. Presumably when transferring to the menu, the figure in mg is rounded down and then used to calculate the %RDA as they both came out as zero. I managed to get round this by scaling each recipe by ten before adding to the "menu" and then telling the menu that it was for ten people so that it came out with the figures for one. I've now done the same for yesterday's figures (which improved some figures somewhat) but haven't done so for day one.

On to today's food:

  • Baked porridge
  • Orange Juice
  • Tea
  • Pate on sourdough toast
  • Orange Juice
  • Banana Muffin
Afternoon/evening snack
  • Fruit/Nut/Chocolate Mix
  • Cup of tea

Nutritional Analysis
Nutritional facts per serving (daily value):
Calories 1877kcal
Protein 60g (121%)
Total Fat 88g (136%)
Sat. 40g (199%)
Chol. 252mg (84%)
Carb. 227g (76%)
Fiber 19g (74%)
Sugars 84g
Calcium 826mg (83%)
Iron 12mg (69%)
Magnesium 389mg (97%)
Phosphorus 1294mg (129%)
Potassium 2705mg (77%)
Sodium 1865mg (78%)
Zinc 11mg (76%)
Copper 4mg (190%)
Manganese 4mg
Selenium 110µg
Vit. C 106mg (178%)
Vit. B1 1mg (87%)
Vit. B2 2mg (100%)
Vit. B3 10mg (50%)
Vit. B5 5mg (52%)
Vit. B6 1mg (70%)
Diet. fol. eq. 175µg (44%)
Vit. B12 11µg (190%)
Vit. A 8100IU (162%)
Vit. A1 2105µg
Vit. E 4mg (21%)
Vit. K 33µg
Vit. D 71IU (18%)
Exported from Shop'NCook Pro 3.4.3 (

Although my fibre figure looks low, it is probably higher as the software doesn't distinguish between wholemeal and white pasta and I imagine the figures it uses are based on white.

I've now looked up the Tolerable Upper Limit Intake per day for Vitamin A and found it is 3000mg so I am within the limits for this. I believe there is some controversy as to what level of vitamin A is too much so intend to do a bit more reading on this subject.

Other than a list of vitamin E rich foods, I don't seem to have any information on vitamin E so that is definitely something I need to look into.

I'm also creating a recipe blog so that I can give the recipes I have used without filling up this blog with recipes.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a pretty neat software you're using. I personally don't keep track of how many nutrients I get–I find it too time consuming–but I would be interested to know the exact levels of nutrients in the fresh raw vegetable juice I make every morning, in my lunches, etc. and understand more about which nutrients are highest in certain foods.

Saved Sinner said...

Hi Kate, thanks for dropping by. It helps that the software can cope with all a lot of different untis of measurement so I don't have to weigh all my food out or try to find out how much a tablespoon of curry powder weighs. I don't think I'll track all the time after the thirty days are up but hopefully by then I'll have a much better idea of what is in my food.

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