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Friday, 30 July 2010

30 Day Food Diary Challenge - Day Eighteen

  • Toasted sourdough fruit loaf with marmalade (I wasn't very hungry which isn't surprising considering my calorie intake the previous day was well above average)
  • Orange juice
  • Tea
Dinner (at IKEA)
  • Tuna melt panini
  • Small piece of a BLT sandwich
  • Cranberry flapjack
  • 2 cups of hot chocolate
Nutritional Analysis
Nutritional facts per serving (daily value):
Calories 1754kcal
Protein 61g (122%)
Total Fat 59g (90%)
Sat. 25g (127%)
Chol. 117mg (39%)
Carb. 255g (85%)
Fiber 19g (75%)
Sugars 78g
Calcium 838mg (84%)
Iron 10mg (57%)
Magnesium 292mg (73%)
Phosphorus 1245mg (125%)
Potassium 2048mg (59%)
Sodium 1806mg (75%)
Zinc 8mg (50%)
Copper 1mg (55%)
Manganese 5mg
Selenium 137µg
Vit. C 90mg (151%)
Vit. B1 2mg (120%)
Vit. B2 2mg (94%)
Vit. B3 16mg (80%)
Vit. B5 4mg (38%)
Vit. B6 1mg (40%)
Diet. fol. eq. 466µg (117%)
Vit. B12 3µg (43%)
Vit. A 1614IU (32%)
Vit. A1 363µg
Vit. E 5mg (27%)
Vit. K 30µg
Vit. D 244IU (61%)
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