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Thursday, 29 July 2010

30 Day Food Diary Challenge - Day Seventeen

This is where the quality of my food goes downhill because my husband took time off work and we were on "holiday" at home. As before italics indicate food not made at home.

  • "Cream cheese" sandwich (technically it's not cream cheese as I make it from yoghurt)
  • "Nobbly Bobbly" ice cream
  • Fish n chips
  • Chocolate pudding
  • Kombucha
  • Orange juice
  • Tea
Nutritional Analysis
Nutritional facts per serving (daily value):
Calories 2196kcal
Protein 72g (144%)
Total Fat 116g (179%)
Sat. 52g (261%)
Chol. 350mg (117%)
Carb. 227g (76%)
Fiber 14g (57%)
Sugars 113g
Calcium 691mg (69%)
Iron 8mg (42%)
Magnesium 306mg (77%)
Phosphorus 1330mg (133%)
Potassium 3368mg (96%)
Sodium 1090mg (45%)
Zinc 7mg (44%)
Copper 1mg (50%)
Manganese 3mg
Selenium 115µg
Vit. C 134mg (223%)
Vit. B1 1mg (80%)
Vit. B2 1mg (82%)
Vit. B3 10mg (52%)
Vit. B5 4mg (41%)
Vit. B6 1mg (70%)
Diet. fol. eq. 234µg (58%)
Vit. B12 4µg (63%)
Vit. A 2585IU (52%)
Vit. A1 646µg
Vit. E 8mg (41%)
Vit. K 47µg
Vit. D 166IU (42%)
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